Meet the Fusayfsa’ Team

Selin Kubali -Editor

I’m a sophomore at Smith, and though I’m usually studying biology and data science, I fit in a history class whenever I get the chance. I’m fascinated by the complexity of cultures in the region, and the ways they nonetheless resemble each other. I work at Beery Lab (and have too many feelings about voles), fence, and in non-plague years live in Albright House. In my free time I read, cook, semi-successfully learn Russian, go down Wikipedia holes, and maybe daydream about learning ancient Sumerian. I’m exciting to be editing a journal about a topic that’s so important to me!

Su Than Thar Nyi (Grace)- Multimedia Team Member

I am a sophomore from Myanmar studying at Smith College. Although currently undecided, I am leaning towards a Government major, while some of my other academic interests include Computer Science and French. As an aspiring Government major interested in comparative politics, the Middle East is a diverse and dynamic region, whose various aspects I am excited to learn more about, including its cultures. In the coming semesters, I am looking forward to taking more classes on Middle East politics. When I have the time, some of my hobbies include bullet journalling and watching good TV shows.

Sarah UddinOperations Manager

Sarah is a junior engineering major, looking to become a mechanical engineer. She is fascinated by how technology pushes new boundaries of the world, of humanity’s minds and free will, how it empowers individuals and societies alike and paves pathways for innovations, even social policies. She is interested in investigating how technology and art have shaped the Middle East and vice versa. Sarah is passionate about traveling, learning, and pursuing the countless ventures the universe has to offer. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano and spending time in nature. She is a mystic at heart and looks to do what she can to fight injustice.

Lily Turner – Treasurer

Lily Turner is a member of the class of 2023J double-majoring in Government and Middle East Studies. A native resident of Massachusetts, Lily has recently moved to Northampton to be closer to the hub of Smith life. When she is not in class, Lily enjoys being a member of Smith’s Glee Club and the Park House House Council. While Lily has always been interested in Middle East studies, the classes she was able to take at Smith really cemented this interest, namely the beginner Arabic courses and a seminar on Islamic Popular Music. As treasurer, she manages the finances and lends a hand where she can. Lily is very excited to be a member of this incredible project and cannot wait to see the wonderful works that it will produce.

Rukaiya Abdullah – IT committee member

I am a sophomore (class of 2023). Home country: Ghana Major: Psychology Languages: Hausa, Twi, English, Arabic hobbies: Reading, photography Interests: Childcare and women mental health. Affiliation: Nolbed Foundation What I love most about fusayfsa is its focus on debunking myths and expressing beauty and diversity. I grew up in an African Muslim home. I never imagined how strongly related the culture in my home is to the culture in other brown Muslim homes until I saw Tiktoks about them. I’ve grown to love Arabic(Muslim) culture like I do my African culture and I cannot wait to immerse myself more in its beauty and satisfy my curiousity and passion through Fusayfsa.

Nadeen Jumai’an – Managing Editor

I joined the Fusayfsa’ team as the Managing Editor to contribute to growing research and awareness of a complex and fascinating region. My role requires close collaboration with a brilliant group of editors and team members to closely examine and edit content submitted by students. As a Jordanian national, I am proud to bridge the Middle East and North Africa with the growing body of research in prominent American institutions.

Rehana Nazerali-Ruddy – Content Creator, Multimedia

Rehana is a Smith College junior majoring in History with a minor in African Studies. At Fusayfsa’ she is a content creator and member of the multimedia team. Rehana is honoured and excited to be part of such a passionate group of students, and an organisation that prioritises critical thought and plurality of ideas. Although Rehana’s engagement with the MENA region has not been a large part of her academic coursework at Smith so far, she has an interest in the region stemming from a few years she spent living in Khartoum, Sudan as a child, as well as personal cultural connections. She enjoys working on the Fusayfsa’ team—as a content creator in particular—because it gives her the chance to explore any and every aspect of the MENA region, from art and poetry to political discourse. Rehana is currently based at her family home in Vermont, where she enjoys reading and writing, cooking, running, and working at her local coffee shop.

Leela McClintock – Social Media

Leela is a current senior at Smith College, double majoring in Middle East Studies and Italian Studies. She’s particularly interested in the geopolitics of the Gulf Region, and has conducted research on Arab influence within Southern Italy. She loves learning and exploring the various cultures, identities, and languages of the MENA and Mediterranean.

Muneera Aldrweesh – Content Creator

My name is Muneera, I’m a junior majoring in Environmental Geoscience and hopefully an Italian Studies minor. I’m from the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia and have lived there until I came to the U.S. to study at Smith. I have a personal interest in the ways pop culture and politics shape our culture, especially pertaining to the Middle East. I am also personally invested in issues related to the male-centric reality of modern feminism and female-based oppression. I joined Fusayfsa’ as a content creator and thus I, along with the other content creators, curate the magazine portion of Fusayfsa’. Besides my interest in the region, I love fashion, art, satirical leftist-leaning podcasts and video games.

Manal Fatima – Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Manal is currently a sophomore at Smith College, double majoring in Quantitative Economics and Middle East Studies with an intended concentration in religion and the economics of climate change in the region. She is an international student from Lahore, Pakistan. Outside Fusayfsa’ she enjoys her time by working as the Publicity Chair for EKTA (South Asia Student Org.), horse-back riding, shooting arrows, and conducting research on climate change in India with Professor Taraz. She is passionate about promoting a better understanding of North Africa West Asia, highlighting the diversity of the region, and advocating for the equality of rights. Fusayfsa’ for her is an imaginative space where she can create work diverse in thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. As the founder and EinC, she aims to put differences of opinions to good use. Manal loves Biryani (with aalu), dancing, and hoarding jackets.

Manar Alnazer – Content Creator & IT

Manar Alnazer is from Saudi Arabia. She is a freshman majoring in computer science.

Nicole Alkhouri – Content creator

My name is Nicole Alkhouri. I am an international student from Gaza, Palestine. I am a junior and I study neuroscience and chemistry. I joined this journal because it would allow for more space to discuss the diversity in the Middle East and help dismantle the stereotypes about the region. The MENA region incorporates different cultures, religions and backgrounds that are beautiful and worth sharing. I am happy to be part of Fusayfsa this year!

Alexandra Domeshek – Submissions Coordinator

I am a senior medieval studies and chemistry double major. On campus I live in Morris House and spend most of my time in the chem lab trying to make molecules. I also work in Smith’s Medieval Studies Research Lab studying student loans at Oxford University in the 14th century. I was drawn to this magazine after taking classes on Iran, and the history of Sufism, and I am so excited to be helping my peers get their voices heard and start real conversations.

Clara Broekaert – Editor

Originally from Belgium, I am interested in the interactions between development and security in the Middle East. Outside of the classroom, I work on the safe water access project Tongo Wata and seek to engage the broader Smith community with the global water crisis through Smith Walk for Water. Come spring, I will be graduating from Smith with a government major and an international relations certificate. I look forward to reading your papers!